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2007-07-18 12:39:00 by MajinPiccolo

Where have I been. Nobody knows. Go try it sometime.


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2009-11-17 05:21:18

i miss dungeon studio's man i really want it back it was the best website ever known since newgrounds dungeon studio's isnt it self anymore i really miss the old dungeon studio's the next day when ever i was about to get on it said R.I.P
dungeon studio is no more cause you and the crew said you had better things to do all the good times i used to have on dungeon studio's just went died and faded away rest in piece dungeon studio's were all gonna miss ya :(


2010-01-05 14:59:17

nice name dbz rules man


2010-01-26 21:19:44

soooo... u got a life?


2010-04-09 21:03:47



2010-05-08 23:51:03


I'm not saying that you can't find his flashes funny, because if you get a laugh out of them, good job, your entitled to enjoy whatever you like...

BUT HE DOESN'T THINK SO,NOW DOES HE?! Leaving in all of his author comments that his fans need to win at life, why would you ever support that?

I used to be a fan of his, and eventually I stopped finding his movies funny, just like he did. HOWEVER even if he doesn't find his movies funny,he shouldn't go around giving everyone who liked them the finger. If I was him, I'd be a LOT more ashamed of that then making crappy flashes.

When I was bored when I was like twelve,I would sign up for free websites like piczo and make a whole bunch of different websites that I thought were funny. I don't find them funny anymore, but goddammit I DIDN'T TELL EVERYONE TO GO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE BECAUSE OF MY OPINION.Instead, I left them open for people who enjoyed them and left it at that. This is similar, just with flashes, and I'd say I did the more respectable thing huh?

And Majin, I know you're not reading this, but by the chance that you are,I have to tell you this. Even if your movies aren't funny, you had fucking options man. Here's some of your options:

1.You benefited from animating and could get a job in that department.
2.Your sense of humor has improved and you could try again, on what you think is funny now.
3.You could try a different type of flash, not humor.
4.You could just forget the flashes and leave it at that.
OR(your personal favorite!)5.You could fuck over everyone who stilled liked your flashes, put behind all the friends you made through flash, leave this behind as a mistake, move on in life with contempt for what you did when you were a teenager, and look like a total loser.

Also, you realize that people can like your flashes, it isn't about what you think, conceded bastard.I sure hope you're "winning at life", because from the way I look at it, it seems like you're out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Ah well,I'm just wasting my time, your not listening.I'm being harsh, but really, if he thought he could go out like this with a shred of dignity then he was SADLY mistaken. Call me an asshole, but I'm calling him out on this one.

So yeah, please don't support this guy, he's not worth the effort.Just leave him alone and let him "win at life".



2010-06-15 21:16:42

you sir are the best animator in history and should be proud of your success.


2010-07-14 20:51:29

Dear MajinPiccolo,

I know you aren't reading this. If I thought you might, I'd have pm'ed it to you. But, in a way, I like writing it this way...
So...I read all the comments on here and I don't agree with any of them. It is your prerogative to do what you like and your prerogative to tell your fans what you think they should do. You certainly aren't forcing them to do something and you haven't taken down your videos or "updated" them with something to get rid of your content, which I think is a good thing.

I used to watch your movies. I thought they were really good. In fact, had it not been for your movies, I would have never found this fun little site.
And so I have to thank you.
Despite the fact that, after watching ll your movies again, I find them lacking any humor, I still have to thank you because there was a time I did. That time may have passed, but I would not be who I was today had it not been for that time.
You were quite talented and I do believe that you could do quite a bit better work if you tried, but I don't really care if you do. I probably won't notice it anyway.
You see, I am an author. I write. Really, it is all I end up doing a lot of the time. And part of me wants to find an animator so I can put some content up here that people will see (instead of posting on the writing forum, which kind of makes me cringe...). I enjoy writing a lot and I think I'll do it for a living. I used to even post my writings on my page until I realized that no one will really care or read them until I am published (if that ever even happens).

About the time I thought your videos were funny was when I started writing. I remember bits and pieces, but I also remember not doing it seriously. I actually wrote things down instead of using a computer, chiefly because I didn't have access to one whenever I had thoughts I wanted to write. I wish I still had those pitiful manuscripts. I know I would find a lot wrong with them, I know I would not like them, and most of all, I know that some of them I'd wish I had never written and could forget because they were lousy ideas. But I still wish I had them. I'd still love to look back and read them. That's why I think it is admirable that your videos are still up here. You may have outgrown them, but you can still see what helped sculpt you into who you are today. Out of all the things I worked on back then, only one do I plan on picking back up and that one is on the back-burner. I have to say that it will be majorly reworked. But still, I like the idea in a way and I like the fact that something from when I began writing may actually become something good.

See, I took a long break from writing. Really long, actually. I didn't write anything but school papers from the middle of my eight-grade year until the end of my senior year of high-school, which was over four years (not to far off from since you last posted something). But I had an idea that I just had to write down. And then I had another. These weren't really much, but I had them and liked them. I eventually got a Facebook and posted some stuff there and, from need of posting another note based upon a schedule I had made myself abide by, I started a series. It was never meant to be anything...just some really random stuff and humor that only I'd get. I probably won't find it as funny in the future as I do now, but that's life, I guess. So...I stayed in and won, kinda.
That series became something I never imagined. I kept on posting episodes and by episode five, some of my friends were hooked. I had just gone to college and met a large amount of new people who loved it all too, but were sad that they weren't in it. Thus, what is probably my greatest undertaking began.
I am working on a series that is based on my college friends having superpowers. There is a reason behind it and a good plot (in my opinon), but I won't bore you with it. I just want to say that this series has become awesome. It is an episodic thing that I plan on reworking into books when I find a publisher. Each episode is around 8 pages in word, single spaced (really 1.15) with no indents (because neither FB nor NG recognizes indents). I could have each be a chapter and then I'd only need a few to be a good book. And that is the plan. I never expected that series to take off, but oh how it did. And I have a lot planned, including the last line of the last episode and many, many plot pieces. Around the time I was planning this out, I decided to sit down and start the first thing I had ever thought of writing, which is going to be my first novel and hopefully my first series. I am very proud of my work in it so far (I believe it surpasses the other two) and I'm not even that far into it yet. And I'm only on episode 16 or so of each of my other series (though one has freakishly huge episodes though...the other doesn't).

I ended up taking a much shorter break to assemble my thoughts. It was a few months, but people demanded stuff from me and I was working on it...but I had a lot of projects going and was struggling with college...but I worked through it. I have a regular posting schedule and will soon be posting my 100th note on FB, which doesn't include a lot of the things I would have posted before I had a FB (that are here on NG). I mean, I've only had the FB for a little over a year and only been working on that first series for a smidgen less than a year, but I'm doing it. This is my dream. This is what I decided to do. And I do it because it makes people happy, myself included.
I never really got over seeing the happy look on a person's face after they read and loved something that I wrote. I never really got over being told that I am a great author. I am proud of my work, but I tend to think people hype it up too much. But still...I do it for them and I do it for me. I do it because I don't know what I'd do without it.

In the end, I guess the point of this entire rant was that I think we are quite similar. Sure, there are worlds of difference between flash and word and between a sprite movie (or any kind of flash movie really) and a written work. And I know I don't get a lot of people who really like my work, and I get no one who does who isn't a friend. But I still do it because this is my life. I decided not to quit on myself, even after finding my previous stuff bad. I stuck my neck out on the line and I liked what happened.

If you do read this, pick up flash again. Make something. It'll only take a short while. It took me about an hour to finally decide what I wanted to write for that first series back when I started writing again, but once I had the concept, I wrote the two pages in a few minutes and they rocketed my esteem and ability to places I never thought at the time.
Really, I think you could benefit from picking it back up. I'm not saying you should put something up here, especially something you don't like. I'm not saying that you need to stop telling your viewers to "win at life" because some day they will, even if they still watch an episode of "Skittles 'n' Bitz" that day. But you should just try again, to make sure you haven't cheated yourself out of something you're truly gifted at, like people tell me I am at writing, people who never knew me back when I started in eighth grade.

Those guys who made Bowser's Kingdom and the Smash Kingdom stuff decided that they were having trouble making more episodes and it was becoming a chore, so they decided to do some original stuff. They still haven't posted anything, but I'll wait for them to. I found most of Bowser's Kingdom and Smash Kingdom to be lacking in humor, but I bet that their new stuff will be quite good.

Anyway, I am about to run out of characters in a few hundred, so let me just tell you that they and you can still win at life, even if they find your videos funny and you don't. The important thing is not to give up on what could be a great talent. Really, just try one last time. That is all I ask and, though it may not mean much, I think it would be amazing.

Benjamin Ranes, aka Bbbrrr

P.S. Out of characters


2010-08-09 02:16:22

It's amazing how so many people anjoyed a bunch of shitty unfunny sprite movies.

But then again... when you're like 12 it's another story.

He ain't comin back folks.


2010-12-09 15:35:17

^ I have a feeling this problem might have something to do with retards like you.


2011-02-01 20:29:57

The only retards are the ones who gave this unfunny hack any popularity.


2011-02-24 11:33:55

I once thought you were one of the funniest people on the internet. Problem was, you lacked the ambition to continue using your skills, "TO THE PEOPLE WHO IDOLIZE ME FOR MY FORMERLY EXPOSED FLASH CARTOON MAKING "TALENTS": MY VIDEOS ARE NOT FUNNY. I REALIZE THAT NOW. DON'T BE LIKE I ONCE WAS. GO OUTSIDE! WIN AT LIFE!". For quitting the way you did, you have failed at life, in my opinion.


2011-05-07 22:46:13

Okay, that was harsh. I realize that getting a lot of criticism is hard. I hate it when people point out mistakes in my comics. But, that should not pull you down, let it build you up to something greater. After analyzing this further, you may have been bitten by the creative bug and then just lost the drive to create.
If you ever get inspired again, there will always be a spot for you here on the internet.
I hope you come back to your page for nostalgia one day and read this. It was your flashes that inspired me.
Just, come back.
I will wait patiently.


2011-06-17 10:39:16

i want to see Realm of the video game 5?


2011-09-30 14:33:05

I like your series ,,Realm of the Video Game'' and sprites.
I wait to see Episode 5!


2012-08-28 04:48:46

Thought I let you that your sprite animations inclugin your collab Pixel Of The Brains inspired me to create my own sprite collab series Game Under!

and to think that i was never gonna get any daily awards for my own. soon enough i eventually scored two daily awards (a 3rd and 5th place) becasue there was inspiration behind it. sprite movies will always be a favorite of mine and i wish i was around 2004 to 2006 to get myself known in the spriting world. but i came to this Newgrounds world in 2007 and went on to do drawn animations without even knowing the pixel works of spriteing animating existed...

I'm happy with retiring from sprite anaimting and not acknowledging it as talentless crap. I'm moving on to other styles of animating for now..

Matt Andrade. You are a NG Hall Of Famer for your efforts as a sprite animation pioneer!

all the best



2015-03-16 16:23:51

Please work on Realm of the video game 5! :((


2015-04-25 13:54:15